Layer Security

LS-ATO Client


The Layer Security LS-ATO client provides a secure ebMS3/AS4 transport for applications needing to communicate with the Australian Government's Standard Business Reporting (SBR) services.

SBR2 Environment

SBR2 is the system mandated by the Australian Government for businesses to submit reports. The reports must be in a standard electronic format (XML or XBRL) and the delivery uses ebMS 3.0 AS4 message standard.


The LS-ATO client is a fully standards compliant messaging client which makes it easy to send documents to the ATO and other agencies using AS4. It handles all the required security including certificates (AUSkey) and obtaining a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) token from the Vanguard STS (Secure Token Server).


LS-ATO Functions

The LS-ATO client is small, fast, efficient, robust and standards-compliant. The interface is a simple command line with parameters and a configuration file. This makes it very easy to configure, manage and integrate into other applications.

Business Features

  • Support for all SBR2 actions and services
  • Support for all SBR2 document types and schedules
  • Support for special SBR2 modes (e.g. ELS, Cloud Authentication, Gateways etc)
  • Support for AUSkey
  • Conformance tested

Security Features

  • Vanguard SAML token handling
  • Message signing
  • Certificate validation
  • TLS on all connections (using latest v1.2)

Integration Features

  • Simple command line invocation
  • Simple XML configuration file
  • Trigger which can run a notify script when a response is received
  • Response meta data and SOAP information saved as separate XML files
  • Command files and filename wildcards
  • Exit codes conveying most operational situations

Operational Features

  • Automatic attachment compression/decompression
  • Automatic assembly/disassembly of batch/bulk files into ATO's single file format
  • Automatic polling of batch/bulk/collect interactions
  • Intelligent handling of response files and error conditions
  • Scalable to any number of payloads
  • Tracing and Logging
  • Support for both Windows and Linux

Deployment Features

  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Minimal footprint - just consisting of a single small executable and a configuration file
  • Small, fast and efficient - with very low memory and CPU requirements
  • Standalone - with no special installation, privileges nor operating system packages
  • Proxy server support


LS-ATO consists of a standalone executable and a configuration file.

  • It is tiny (less than 3M in size) and does not require any special operating system privileges or packages to run.
  • LS-ATO runs as a simple command line tool. This makes it easy to integrate into scripts or embed into any third party application.

The release package also contains documentation and example test scripts. Examples in the documentation are included in the "test" directory. These examples are derived from the ATO's conformance test suite and work against the ATO's test environment (EVTE).