Layer Security

LS-B2B Messaging


The Layer Security LS-Messaging suite provides a secure and private ebMS3/AS4 messaging components for applications participating in the Digital Business Council e-Invoicing initiative.

The suite consists of a server (LS-Server), client (LS-B2B) and tool (LS-Keytool). The components have been custom built to be small, fast and efficient, whilst also being easy to install, configure, manage, and integrate.

E-Invoicing Environment

LS-Messaging supports supports standards defined by the Digital Business Council (DBC) and related security standards. The main components of the DBC system are:

  • Digital Capability Locator (DCL) lookup
  • Digital Capability Provider (DCP) lookup
  • Gateways that store and route messages
  • Clients that send and receive messages, typically invoices

An overview of the system is as follows:



The LS-Messaging suite is small, fast, efficient, robust and standards-compliant. It has been designed to be easy to configure, manage and integrate with other applications. The suite supports the complete set of standards defined by DBC and related security standards as well as support for end-to-end encryption of attachments and end-to-end non-repudiation receipts.

Business Features

  • Digital Capability Locator (DCL) lookup, both DNS lookup and HTTPS lookup.
  • Digital Capability Provider (DCP) lookup (XML signed)
  • Document sending (AS4 signed) with optional end-to-end encryption (S/MIME)
  • Document receipts (AS4 signed) for non-repudiation

Security Features

  • CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax) attachments are compressed, signed and encrypted
  • Message signing
  • Certificate validation
  • Support for any certificate type including S/MIME, SSL, AUSkey
  • TLS on all connections (using latest v1.2)

Integration Features

  • Simple command line invocation
  • Simple XML configuration file
  • Companion utility (KeyTool) to help manage the keystore
  • Trigger which can run a script when a response is received
  • Response meta data and SOAP saved as separate XML files

Operational Features

  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Minimal footprint - just consisting of a single small executable and a configuration file
  • Small, fast and efficient - with very low memory and CPU requirements
  • Standalone - with no special installation, privileges nor operating system packages
  • Proxy server support
  • Tracing and Logging
  • Attachment compression
  • Support for both Windows and Linux


The LS-Messaging suite comprises:

  • LS-B2B - an ebMS3/AS4 client. It runs as a simple command line tool.
  • LS-Keytool - a tool to help with the management of keystores. It runs as a simple command line tool.
  • LS-Server - an ebMS3/AS4 server that runs as a daemon. It includes a console and a database for account management and statistics.

All components are only about 3M in size and do not require any special operating system privileges or packages to run.

The release package also contains documentation and example test scripts. Examples in the documentation are included in the "test" directory.