Our ebMS3 AS4 clients and servers are designed for service providers, system integrators, and business software vendors needing to report to the ATO or exchange documents on the Peppol network.
They are packed with features, yet renowned for being small, fast, simple-to-use, and easy-to-manage. As a result, our modules have been widely integrated by Digital Service Providers (DSPs) into accounting, tax, payroll, superannuation, e-invoicing, and many other business management applications.


The LS-ATO client makes it easy for your accounting, payroll, tax or superannuation software to directly send documents to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The LS-ATO client is a small, simple, ebMS3/AS4 client that is easy-to-integrate into cloud services, desktop applications, or in-house business software.

It has been custom-built to support all the ATO’s services, interactions, payload formats, security, and extensions, allowing your applications to effortlessly interact with the ATO’s Standard Business Reporting (SBR) system.


The LS-Peppol package makes it easy for business applications to send and receive e-invoices and other Peppol documents on the Peppol network.

The LS-Peppol server is a small, fast, and easy-to-manage ebMS3/AS4 server which includes a full-featured Peppol Access Point (AP) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).

The LS-Peppol client is a small, simple, easy-to-integrate ebMS3/AS4 companion client that makes it effortless for your applications to send and receive Peppol documents, provision participants on the Peppol network, and manage the LS-Peppol server.

Our Difference

Layer Security components are ideal for service providers, vendors, and integrators wanting an easy way to directly communicate with the ATO or the Peppol network.

Whether you are looking to integrate with a new or existing system, migrate from an SDK or open-source, or switch from a third-party service provider, Layer Security modules can offer a quick, efficient, and low-cost way to handle your application's messaging requirements.

Smaller, Faster, Easier

Layer Security products have unrivalled efficiency, performance, and ease-of-use. Our software clients and servers are up to 10x faster, 20x smaller, and 50x more efficient than most other commercial or open-source ebMS3/AS4 implementation. Each product has been custom-built for the ATO or Peppol, with emphasis on being lightweight (around 4 MB), fast, reliable, simple-to-use, and easy-to-integrate into cloud deployments or distribute with desktop applications.

Reduce Costs

Layer Security products are often much more cost-effective than outsourced services or internal implementations.

  • If you are using an external ATO or Peppol service provider, then it may be much cheaper to do-it-yourself (DIY) and integrate a Layer Security ebMS3/AS4 module into your own application or service. This will avoid the cost and need to use an external third-party service, and additionally make your system more secure, private, controllable, and responsive.

  • If you are currently struggling with an open-source project (Peppol) or the ATO’s legacy SDK, then switching to use a much simpler all-in-one Layer Security module may save valuable time and development resources. In cloud environments, our products' low compute usage could also save significant operational costs.

Proven Products

The best products and support come from experts who build best-in-class core technologies. We have proven specialist skills and extensive experience in security, privacy, messaging, and international standards.

Layer Security has a proud history of pioneering custom-built messaging products. We were among the first to roll-out implementations of ebMS3/AS4 for both the ATO's SBR2 system (2015) and the Peppol eDelivery network (2019). Along the way, we have helped progress these networks as active members of many ATO and Peppol advisory groups.

Being at the forefront has allowed us to build ebMS3/AS4 components that are renowned for being small, reliable, secure, and scalable, while still being easy to install, configure, manage, and integrate into applications.

Trusted by the Industry

Our ebMS3/AS4 products are being used by hundreds of organisations, from small to large.

They have been widely integrated into in-house systems, cloud services, and desktop software products, across commercial companies, government, and academia.

Our clients include accounting, tax, payroll, superannuation, financial services, recruitment, workforce management, and data providers.

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