LS-ATO Specifications

The smallest, fastest and most feature-rich ebMS3/AS4 client for the ATO’s SBR system.


LS-ATO is a small, fast, secure and standards-compliant ebMS3/AS4 client custom-built for the ATO.

Though the ATO’s SBR system is complex, LS-ATO hides this complexity behind a simple command line interface, which makes it easy to integrate with business applications.

LS-ATO supports the full range of SBR requirements including:

  • All ATO services (e.g. IITR, FBT, AS, CUREL, STP, TFND, TPAR, SMAT2, STIC)

  • All ATO actions (e.g. submit, validate, list, search)

  • All ATO extensions (e.g. roles, delegations, legacy modes)

  • All message types (synchronous, batch, bulk, batch-of-bulk, collect)

  • Strong security (e.g. SAML, signing, authorisations, MyGovID M2M keystore)

  • Custom ATO formats (e.g. payloads, responses, errors)

  • ATO customisations (e.g. ATO endpoints and routes, polling, compression, extensions).


LS-ATO is a simple, all-inclusive, tiny (4 MB) executable.
  • Applications - interface to LS-ATO using a simple command line interface.

  • Messaging - is made simple by hiding all the details (AS4, SAML tokens, M2M keystore).

  • Operations - is easy with just a few files to manage (configuration file, log file, result files).

The LS-ATO Architecture including the all-inclusive components for easily talking to the ATO's reporting systems
The LS-ATO Architecture including the all-inclusive components for easily talking to the ATO's reporting systems


Business Features

  • Support for all SBR actions and services

  • Support for all SBR document types and schedules

  • Support for special SBR modes (e.g. ELS, Cloud Authentication, Gateways)

  • Conformance tested

  • Comprehensive documentation.

Deployment Features

  • Easy to configure and manage – just a single executable and optional configuration file

  • Tiny – less than 4 MB in size

  • Very fast and efficient – with minimal memory and CPU requirements

  • Standalone – with no special installation, privileges nor operating system packages.

Security Features

  • Support for ATO (M2M) keystore format (XML)

  • Automatic SAML token handling

  • Automatic renewal of M2M keystore

  • Message signing and certificate validation

  • TLS on all connections (V1.2, 1.3).

Integration Features

  • Runnable from any language or script

  • Support for command files and filename wildcards

  • Request metadata and SOAP information saved

  • Trigger to run a notify command on receiving response

  • Exit codes conveying most operational situations.

Operational Features

  • Automatic attachment compression/decompression

  • Automatic assembly/disassembly of batch/bulk/collect files into ATO’s single file format

  • Automatic polling of batch/bulk/collect interactions

  • Intelligent handling of response files and error conditions

  • Scalable to any number of payloads

  • Support for network proxies

  • Support for both Windows and Linux.



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