Use Cases for LS-Peppol

LS-Peppol is the perfect answer for Digital Service Providers (DSPs) who are looking to run their own Peppol Server.

With this all-in-one Peppol server and client, LS-Peppol offers a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to become part of the Peppol network.

Whether you want the prestige of being a certified Peppol Access Point, or want an alternative to using a cumbersome open-source product, or expensive Peppol service provider, LS-Peppol offers Digital Service Providers (DSPs) a low-cost and simple way for you to offer Peppol functionality directly to your customers.

Easily become a Peppol Provider

LS-Peppol makes it easy for you to become a Peppol provider and seamlessly integrate Peppol messaging into your applications.

Unlike many open-source or commercial packages, LS-Peppol is easy to install, run and maintain, and includes all of the necessary Peppol components in a single, integrated and incredibly efficient package.

All-in-one Peppol package

As a fully-inclusive all-in-one DIY (do-it-yourself) package, LS-Peppol makes your application be part of the Peppol network with all of the Peppol requirements in a single product. This includes an integrated Access Point (AP), Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) and built-in clients to handle dynamic recipient discovery and publishing into the Service Metadata Locator (SML) and Peppol Directory (P-Dir).

Easy to manage

With easy installation and feature-rich management facilities, LS-Peppol is simple to install, fast-to-run and easy-to-manage. It includes many operational features such as statistics, reports, diagnostics and notifications. LS-Peppol also offers clean interfaces to integrate with existing infrastructure, including log management, system startup and containers.

Be in control of your data

Running your own LS-Peppol gives you full privacy and control of your data, as well as the convenience of using your existing operational platforms and procedures. Having tight integration also allows your software to be more responsive (e.g. notification of results), more flexible (e.g. different document types) and provide richer information (e.g. monitoring and reports).

Gain the Peppol recognition

Being a certified Peppol Service Provider increases your industry profile and provides opportunities to interact with many more businesses. Your market visibility may also increase because of all the Peppol promotion being pushed by Government and industry bodies.

Switch from an Open-Source Base

LS-Peppol is an attractive alternative if you are struggling with a time-consuming and cumbersome open-source implementation.

Open-source projects can be frustrating because they only provide basic functionality and weren't designed for demanding business applications. For example, operational teams may spend a lot of time tracking down problems, developing management wrappers, and keeping security patches up-to-date for the numerous open-source dependencies.

The LS-Peppol server is different because it has been designed for demanding production environments, all in a single feature-rich executable with no dependencies on installed third-party libraries. Operational teams value LS-Peppol's robust security, extensive instrumentation, multi-level notifications, statistics and reporting database, high performance, proven reliability, detailed documentation, and expert support.

Easy and cost-effective

Though open-source is free to obtain, there may be significant hidden costs running, maintaining, customising and extending the base open-source project. When considering a total cost of ownership, LS-Peppol may be much cheaper as it is easy to manage and maintain, includes a full array of business and operational features, and requires minimal resources (CPU and memory) to run.

Rich in features

Most open-source projects only implement the base AP or SMP functionality. LS-Peppol includes all those features missing in open-source projects, such as an all-in-one set of Peppol features (e.g. messaging, security, discovery, publishing, etc.) and business-critical operational features (performance, statistics, reporting, notifications, dynamic configuration, etc).

Documented and supported

Not only is LS-Peppol simple, easy-to-use and cheap-to-run, it has numerous operational features and options to adapt to your environment. All features and best practice operations are covered in the documentation, backed up by reliable commercial support and ongoing development.

Move from a Peppol Service

With cost-saving, privacy and performance benefits, LS-Peppol is the perfect choice for stepping away from a third-party provider, and becoming a certified Peppol provider yourself.

As your business expands its use of Peppol services, it may become increasingly expensive and limiting to use a third-party Peppol service provider. Switching to LS-Peppol so that you can run your own Peppol endpoint, may be a much cheaper alternative and give you much more control of your Peppol operations.

Keep your data private

Running your own Peppol endpoint takes out the need to pass your data to a third party, helping you maintain the privacy and control of your commercial interactions and your customers’ data.

Improve service levels

LS-Peppol includes all of the Peppol components in one integrated and efficient package, allowing for tighter and more seamless integration with complex applications. With everything in your own environment, you can give your customers the benefits of tighter integration and better performance.

Lower running costs

With affordable monthly pricing and incredibly low system requirements, LS-Peppol may be much cheaper to run than what your Peppol Service provider is charging. Our pricing is based on number requests and does not charge extra based on the number of participants, so the savings could be significant if your system has a large number of suppliers or buyers.