The smallest and simplest Peppol AP and SMP server.

LS-Peppol is a small, simple, efficient and full-featured ebMS3/AS4 server that makes it easy for business software products or cloud service solutions to send and receive e-invoices, e-orders and other Peppol documents on the the Peppol network.


LS-Peppol is the smallest, fastest and most feature-rich Peppol messaging software package.

It has been custom-built for the Peppol network to make sending and receiving e-invoices, e-orders and other Peppol documents easy, secure and reliable.

LS-Peppol makes it easy for you to run your own Peppol server, and join the Peppol network, without all the manual effort to configure, run and maintain open-source software, or the cost of using third-party Peppol providers.

The LS-Peppol server provides an all-in-one integrated Peppol Access Point (AP) server and Peppol Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) to allow you to exchange Peppol e-invoices and other electronic documents with other businesses on the Peppol network.

Secure, reliable, tiny (only 4 MB), and extremely efficient, LS-Peppol is a powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage software suite with easy integration points for your applications.

Why LS-Peppol?

LS-Peppol makes becoming a Peppol Service Provider simple, by providing all of the necessary features in a single integrated executable.

While there are a few open-source alternatives, these can be cumbersome, slow and dependent on additional components to become part of the Peppol network.

Our aim has been to develop a small, fast, reliable, all-in-one, integrated server that is easy to setup and manage yourself.

An overview of the LS-Peppol components
An overview of the LS-Peppol components

On the application side, the LS-Peppol client (called LS-B2B) integrates with business software that is providing businesses with essential functions such as accounting, invoicing, ordering, billing, etc. This software client makes it easy for applications to send and receive Peppol documents (e.g. e-invoices) and to manage the LS-Peppol server.

On the Peppol network side, the LS-Peppol server includes an integrated Access Point (AP) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP). This server handles all the AS4 messaging and security requirements to send and receive documents, as well as publishing and discovering recipients on the Peppol network using the Service Metadata Locator (SML).

LS-Peppol Components

LS-Peppol Server

The LS-Peppol server incorporates all of the functions required to interact on the Peppol network:

  • Access Point (AP) server - for sending and receiving Peppol AS4 messages. This includes automatic discovery of recipients on the Peppol network by looking up the Service Metadata Locator (SML) and other SMPs.

  • Service Metadata Provider (SMP) server - for publishing LS-Peppol’s own participants on the Peppol network. This includes the automatic registration of participants in the SML and Peppol Directory.

  • Management servers - to handle security (e.g. certificates, authorisation), operations (e.g. logging, alerts), database (e.g. statistics, reports) and the LS-Peppol client (LS-B2B).

LS-Peppol seamlessly integrates these Peppol components into a single efficient and secure server that can run on any modern Linux machine. For further details, please see LS-Peppol Specifications.

LS-B2B Client

The LS-Peppol client (called LS-B2B) is a companion client that is easy to embed into applications. It is called directly from the application, which may be on a different machine running either Linux or Windows.

LS-B2B has a very simple interface that can be called from the command line or any language (e.g. C#/.NET, PHP, Java, NodeJS, Python, Ruby on Rails, Go, Delphi, 4GLs). It allows applications to remotely and securely send and receive documents, as well as manage participants and their visibility on the Peppol network.

LS-B2B gives your application secure access to higher level services including:

  • A lookup service to discover information about a recipient

  • A gateway service for sending and receiving documents

  • A provisioning service to manage participants and make them visible on the Peppol network

  • A credential service to automatically manage certificates.

Small and Fast

LS-Peppol is the smallest, fastest, and simplest Peppol server available.

Written in C, it is up to 10x faster, 20x smaller and 50x more efficient than most other Peppol servers.

Most other Peppol servers
Written in C
Simple to setup
Written in Java
Complicated to setup
CPU Usage
Most other Peppol servers
Hundreds of requests/min
10x faster
tens of requests/min
Disk Usage
Most other Peppol servers
~ 4 MB
1 exe, 1 config file
20x smaller
> 80 MB
> 50 files
Memory Usage
Most other Peppol servers
< 10 MB (resident)
50x more efficient
> 500 MB (resident)

Boasting a tiny 4 MB executable, and low CPU/memory requirements, LS-Peppol can run on any small VM or container to help keep your server costs low.

With near-wire speed performance (only limited by network and remote server speeds) and near instantaneous sending and delivery (using push-through requests and pull-through responses), LS-Peppol can make your business application highly responsive and fast.

Easy to Run

LS-Peppol makes becoming a Peppol Service Provider simple.

As a small, fast, simple, all-in-one, integrated server, LS-Peppol makes it easy to operate and manage your own Peppol service.

Easy to install

LS-Peppol is easy to set up and install - only requiring network access (e.g. DNS) and a database (MySQL). Configuration is as simple as a single static configuration file with some dynamic values in the database. Certificate setup and management is automatic using Let's Encrypt.

Easy to deploy

We have custom-built LS-Peppol to be simple and performant. It can be run on any minimal server system, as the CPU/memory usage is so low. LS-Peppol requires no special privileges or special packages to run (apart from the database). Being just a single small executable, it is easy to deploy and upgrade.

Easy to manage

LS-Peppol includes LS-B2B, a simple and secure client that can be integrated into your application, which may be on a different machine. This allows your LS-Peppol server to be independent, and allows you to streamline and simplify the sending, receiving and management aspects of your business data flows.

Rich in Features

LS-Peppol has been built to be small, fast and efficient, while offering a reliable and complete set of Peppol features.

As a mature product, LS-Peppol has many advanced features including strong security, server management, certificate provisioning, recipient discovery, multi-level authorisation, statistics, and conformance to all the Peppol and related international standards.

Custom built

LS-Peppol makes it easy to send and receive documents using the Peppol network. We have custom-built LS-Peppol to support all of the Peppol system components (e.g. AP, SMP, SML, Peppol Directory), document types (e-invoices, e-orders, e-credit-notes, etc.) and messaging (protocols, participants, security, etc).

Advanced features

Advanced features of LS-Peppol include automatic synchronisation with SMP, SML and Peppol Directory, alert and alarm notifications, intelligent caching, recipient management, delegated administration, and a rich database for monitoring, statistics and reports.

Secure and reliable

LS-Peppol includes full network security (e.g. HTTPS, TLS, Mutual TLS, TLS extensions) and application security (e.g. signing, encryption, WS-Security). It is designed to be scalable and reliable with special operational features including automated certificate renewal, log file rotation and alerts.

Standards compliant

LS-Peppol has been Peppol conformance tested, and supports all relevant messaging and cryptographic standards. It is also forward looking by supporting all proposed upcoming standards such as Peppol mandatory (user and transaction) reporting and PINT international invoices.


LS-Peppol can be trialled with unlimited free testing.

We stand by the reliability and performance of LS-Peppol and want you to see for yourself what makes it the best-in-class easiest-to-use Peppol client and server.

Testing is free, and unlimited.

Once you go into production, pricing is based on simple, affordable monthly tiers. Pricing tiers are based on blocks of successful messages sent or received. These message counts are only for successful production messages sent or received - any errors, lookups or housekeeping messages are excluded from these counts.

Prices start from $50/month. This is an all-inclusive price, just based on the number of successful messages/month. This covers all capabilities of LS-Peppol, and there are no extra costs for support, maintenance, number of users, type of documents, size of data, or any other hidden charges.