About Us

Industry leading technology providers of ebMS3/AS4 software components.

Layer Security has specialist skills in security, development, and international standards, as well as in-depth experience in building large-scale business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) networks. We are proud to have built the industry’s smallest, fastest, most secure and scalable ebMS3/AS4 software components that are easy for you to install, configure and integrate with your applications.

Layer Security

Developing modular ebMS3/AS4 software components for the ATO and Peppol.

Layer Security is an Australian owned and operated business renowned for the development and creation of small, modular ebMS3/AS4 software components for reporting to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and exchanging documents on the Peppol network.

Since our inception in 2014, we have delivered cost-effective and development-time-saving software components for Digital Service Providers (DSPs) who require easy-to-use and simple-to-integrate components for their accounting, payroll, taxation, superannuation, or e-invoicing solutions.

We work with software vendors, service providers and systems integrators of all shapes and sizes in the financial, workforce, and data management sectors. Our products easily integrate into cloud-based services, in-house systems, and desktop software products needing to report to the ATO or exchange electronic invoices or other documents on the Peppol network.

Modular Software Components

Cost-friendly, small, simple, scalable, and secure software components for business software vendors and service providers.

We build light-weight and high-performance software products to take care of all your ebMS3/AS4 messaging needs. Our products are easy to install, configure and integrate into your systems - while saving you the time and complexity of building them yourself or trying to make open-source offerings fit-for-business.

We have custom-built each product to make it easy for you to interact with the ATO or Peppol, with a special focus on simplicity, ease-of-use and security. All of our servers, clients and tools, are lightweight, fast, reliable, and incredibly efficient, giving you simple-to-use and easy-to-integrate technology optimised for cloud deployments and desktop application distribution.

Written carefully in C, our components are up to 10x faster, 20x smaller and 50x more efficient than any other commercial or open-source AS4 clients or servers.

Our technology has been widely used by integrators, digital service providers and business software vendors developing accounting, tax, payroll, superannuation, e-invoicing and other business management applications, helping save time and money on development costs as well as on-going running and deployment costs.

Experts in Security and Messaging

Decades of experience in development, operations, and international standards.

Our staff have a wealth of expertise in a multitude of key software development areas, including security, privacy, networking, protocols, cryptography, and key management. Our highly skilled and experienced developers have been involved in large-scale, mission-critical systems for banks, carriers, Fortune 500 companies, governments and the defence industry.

We have provided significant contributions to international standards committees and open-source projects, and are currently involved in many working groups and advisory panels for government and industry.

In particular, Layer Security has been involved with the ATO and Peppol since they first started rolling out their ebMS3/AS4 networks, and continue to be active members of key technical and advisory ATO and Peppol Working Groups.