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Layer Security develops security and privacy software modules that are easily embeddable into business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) applications.


The software suite includes a multi-functional server (LS-Server), embeddable clients (LS-ATO, LS-B2B) and supporting tools (LS-KeyTool, LS-CertTool). Each is renowned for being powerful, yet small, fast and efficient, as well as being easy to install, configure, manage, and integrate. They have been widely embedded into third-party software products and cloud services including payroll, accounting, superannuation and e-invoicing applications.


Layer Security staff have extensive experience and expertise in security, privacy, networking, protocols, cryptography, encryption, certificates and key management. They have also contributed to many international standards committees and Australian Government advisory panels.


All technology developed is modular (small, standalone), portable (Windows, Linux) and compliant to a wide range of international standards (ISO, IETF, OASIS) and Australian standards (SBR, DBC). The technology is available via distributors.


  • B2B - business to business
  • B2G - business to government
  • DBC - (Australian) Digital Business Council
  • IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force
  • ISO - International Standards Organisation
  • OASIS - Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
  • SBR - (Australian Government) Standard Business Reporting