Layer Security



The Layer Security LS-Peppol suite provides a secure and private ebMS3/AS4 messaging components for applications participating in Peppol e-Invoicing.

The suite consists of a server (LS-Peppol), client (LS-B2B) and tool (LS-Keytool). The components have been custom built to be small, fast and efficient, whilst also being easy to install, configure, manage, and integrate.


E-Invoicing Environment

Peppol is a worldwide network which enables secure business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) exchange of electronic documents including e-invoices, e-orders, e-tenders etc.

The main components of Peppol system are:

  • Service Metadata Locator (SML) lookup
  • Service Metadata Provider (SMP) lookup
  • Gateways that store and route messages
  • Clients that send and receive messages, typically invoices

An overview of the system is as follows:

ls peppol


LS-Peppol is a fully standards-compliant ebMS3/AS4 server with many additional advanced features summarised below.

Business Features

  • Fast, secure AS4 messaging server
  • Easy to configure, monitor and manage
  • Standards compliant including Peppol.

Peppol Features

  • Automated synchronisation with SML and Peppol Directory
  • AS4 signing and encryption
  • Integrated SMP server
  • Integrated SML/SMP clients (for dynamic discovery of recipients)

Security Features

  • Message signing (e.g. AS4 receipts, SMP responses)
  • Digital signature checking including certificate chain verification
  • Secure account tokens
  • Delegated administration
  • TLS on all connections (v1.2 with TLS SNI extension)
  • Mutual TLS between servers.

Management Features

  • Automated server credential provisioning and renewal
  • Automated client certificate issuance
  • Automated sender registration
  • Support for local (credentialed), hub (managed) and foreign parties
  • Database for account checking, statistics, and reporting
  • Server to server distribution (also called multi-hop or chaining)
  • Ability to cope with non-Peppol Gateways
  • Console (interactive)
  • Notifications of alarms and alerts to an email address.

Operational Features

  • Simple XML configuration file
  • Simple to install - requires no special privileges or OS packages (other than the database)
  • Fast and efficient - with exceptionally low memory and CPU requirements
  • Minimal footprint - just consisting of a single small executable and a few other files
  • Ability to listen on multiple ports and auto-detect TLS
  • Tracing and Logging with options for rotating daily logs and using syslog


The LS-Peppol suite comprises:

  • LS-B2B - an ebMS3/AS4 client. It runs as a simple command line tool.
  • LS-Keytool - a tool to help with the management of keystores. It runs as a simple command line tool.
  • LS-Server - an ebMS3/AS4 server that runs as a daemon. It includes a console and a database for account management and statistics.

All components are only about 3M in size and do not require any special operating system privileges or packages to run.

The release package also contains documentation and example test scripts. Examples in the documentation are included in the "test" directory.